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Welcome to the First Physical Space Technology Incubator in Switzerland

... a little closer to space!

Is your space tech startup looking for a new home? The Incubator @SCHWEIZERHOF offers a unique environment for developing your product or services. We believe that you do your best work when you are surrounded by what inspires you. Therefore, we built a space technology startup incubator nestled in the Engadin region of the Swiss Alps. Our hub is 20 minutes from the slopes of St Moritz and Davos and a stone’s throw from kilometres of walking trails. Of course, beautiful scenery is not enough to bring your product to market. Therefore, we provide an exciting environment supported by space tech industry experts and the opportunity to innovate with international teams. 

Some of the opportunities offered by The Incubator @SCHWEIZERHOF:

Fusing history and innovation @SCHWEIZERHOF

An interesting fact: the Incubator @SCHWEIZERHOF was once a thriving hotel. Built in the 1870s – when travel was by coach – it has now been fully refurbished to suit modern users. Many original features remain, creating a mix of yesteryear glamour and the latest touchscreen tech. The ballroom remains the perfect spot for events and conferences. Meanwhile, the rooftop terrace is a welcome addition, ideal for casual meetings and breaks.

incubator building

History beneath the floorboards

The Incubator @SCHWEIZERHOF is full of testimonies from the past. History buffs might be interested to know that just the other day, we discovered a series of postcards dating back to the 1870s, when the Schweizerhof was a thriving hotel. Not only do we run the first space technology startup incubator in Switzerland, we proudly own a piece of Engadin history.